CNC cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is extremely accurate (+/- 0.2mm) for cutting mild steel, stainless and aluminum materials. The technology of our Trumpf L3030 and Bystronic BySprint lasers allow ultra-fast cutting speeds yet produces a high quality, polished cut finish. CNC nesting plus our 3000 mm × 1500 mm pallet loader minimizes down time for one-offs or runs of 1000 pieces.

We accept 2D or 3D CAD files for “flat bed” cutting of sheet or “rotolas” cutting of round, square or rectangular material.

Photo of a BySprint Fiber laser cutter
Our new Bystronic BySprint laser cutter.
  • Mild steel up to 25 mm

  • Stainless up to 30 mm


    Copper up to 12 mm

  • Brass up to 15 mm


  • Polished cut finish on stainless steel and aluminium sheet.

  • Electronic conversion of CAD files to next and cut programs.

  • Integrated design, prototype and production reduces lead times.

  • Reverse engineer profiles with minimal production downtime.

  • Competitive rates for construction, infrastructure, automotive, manufacturing and marine parts.

  • Reduce labour costs and streamline assembly.

Benefits of rotolas laser

  • Round, square and rectangular material can be cut while rotating in the CNC controlled chuck.

  • Precision cut eliminates 2nd stage drilling and machining.

  • Tight tolerance angle cuts of staunchions, brackets and tubes.

Waterjet cutting

Our abrasive jet waterjet cutting system cuts complex parts out of most materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone and composites directly from a CAD or DXF file. Extremely hard, reflective and non conductive parts can also be cut with an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.

Our Maxiem waterjet's A-Jet cutting head is a complete software-controlled, multi-axis cutting system permitting the flexibility to cut angles from 0° to a maximum of 60° off the vertical. The A-Jet cuts accurate bevelled edges at various angles with 5-axis waterjet cutting. It can also countersink holes, jigsaw puzzle-type pieces with bevelled edges and shape metal edges for weld preparation.

Photo of a Maxiem waterjet cutter
  • Cuts 100mm thick

  • 50,000 PSI waterjet

  • 5 axis with 60° tilt

BENEFITS OF waterjet & 5 axis

  • Very precise cutting of a huge range of materials including:
    Mild steel
    Stainless steel
    — Copper, silver and gold
    — Titanium
    Acrylic, PVC and other plastics
    — Kevlar
    — Fiberglass
    — Rubber
    Wood, plywood and MDF
    Tiles and ceramics
    Granite, marble and other stone
  • Compensate for cut taper, and bevel and countersink all in one.
  • Eliminate 2nd stage machining before assembly, welding or coating.

  • Save time and money for getting products to market.

Available cut qualities

  • Q1 — Separation cut

  • Q2 — Through cut

  • Q3 — Clean cut

  • Q4 — Good finish

  • Q5 — Excellent finish

View our waterjet flyer here